SOLA Token (SOLA) Price, Purchase training, information

Sola Token currency has started its activity in 2021. This digital currency has been activated on the Solana blockchain through DEX and a CEX Defi. Decentralized exchange with significantly more efficient asset management and automatic liquidity distribution based on AMM.

SolaToken, The DeFi, is a combination of a DEX and a CEX that uses Solana, a high-performance blockchain, to provide quick and cheap costs. SolaToken is a market maker that optimizes asset management efficiency by distributing liquidity automatically.


Sola Token Price

  • Sola. Sep, 11, 2021: $0.085916

These prices are changing every moment and we try to enter the latest price every week in this section.

Sola token market cap in 2021

  • sols. Sep, 11, 2021: $208.000

Fully Diluted Market Cap


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