Best Shitcoins in 2021

via the present paper, we are going to shed light on the notion of Shitcoin and what are the best and trusted ones. In addition, we will suggest you how and where you can buy them. It is aimed that Gen Mgazine is going to introduce you the 10 best shit coins each month.
In an attempt to shorten the long story, here GEN MAGAZINE offers the best password financial investment choices each month to help you spend your time late at night and messing around with your cell phone hard. We do not claim this as official advice, but rather a brief discussion of trends, news, and potentially valuable information that you think you should know each month about the best Shitcoins.

What is a “Shitcoin”?

“Shitcoin” is the term given to an unhelpful and obsolete crypto currency. These cryptocurrencies were written as imitations – currencies that led to nothing new in the crypto space. It’s not a clear target for them. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which were born with a specific defined purpose and innovative goal, the sit-down coin has no function. So, it doesn’t have as much lifespan as other coins. It is a new cryptocurrency that allows you to make instant payments anywhere in the world. It is very safe and fast because banks and other third parties are unnecessary. Transactions complete in seconds and there are virtually no fees!

😍 Top trending Shitcoins

How to find out whether a Shitcoin is trusted?

Developers are weird. The people behind the project should be trusted, not just a random group of strangers using fake names. You wouldn’t invest in stocks from an anonymous group? The same is true here. For example, if developers identify themselves in Instagram or Youtube videos, they are considered much more reliable in doxxed. Since the appearance is known to the public, the possibility of fraud is much less.
In case of project which has a big promise, but no defined features, be alert that it is not trusted. Anyone can present a promise with an impressive goal. However, not everyone can provide a roadmap on how to achieve these goals. If the project avoids the feature definition, it cannot be trusted.
Be careful that Sides of the project are copied or generally visible. The project website should be a warning sign if it looks general or uses a free domain. It shows the lack of authenticity of a true and well-developed project. Also, if the white paper is indistinguishable from the white papers of other popular projects, it could be a copy made to trick people into feeling safe. Or it could be shit if it’s written in technical jargon that’s hard to understand. Check the number of holders. Experts say that a new coin worth investing in requires at least 200 to 300 owners. Not worth the investment, not the sound of coins not meeting the minimum. Similarly, a healthy new coin requires 50-10 transactions per minute.
Review the liquidity pool. Liquidity pools are considered the backbone of most decentralized exchanges. If the project you’re investing in doesn’t have at least $30,000, it can be shit. Low numbers such as hundreds or thousands need to be signed.
To what extent some password currencies, such as Bitcoin, are recognized as a form of stock market hedging and portfolio diversification. But not everyone thinks this way. Wall Street has a different view of something like Bitcoin’s Ethernet Rium. Some big wig investors and portfolio managers are investing the money behind them. Others still mock all password currencies and emphasize that they are not of visible value. In the, there’s a world of `shit coins` and ‘ altcoins’ that are essentially throwing money into the drain, unless you’re gushing a jackpot and getting into the next Dogecoin early. A percentage of `altcoins claiming all sales has been added to the liquidity pool (providing people with an incentive for` hodl`) Your participation is definitely to take you to the moon-everything Just working together.
There seems to be a very dangerous and scammer-looking community everywhere. But only one rotten developer who messed up everything, or one who owns too much (as you can see in “astropup” these days). In a word, it is a wilderness.

How to find Shitcoins early?

Shitcoin investment is crazy. It can make you filthy rich in a few weeks and your bankruptcy in a few days. The biggest problem I had when I first entered the market was how to find the dung coins faster. An early way to find dung coins is to join a sub reddit like “r / AllCryptoBets” and a Facebook group dedicated to new dung coin publicity. Here you can scroll through the hundreds of recently released dung coins. Most of them are bad. But some of them show signs of promise. Under you can find a list of sub reddit where you can see if you’re looking for a way to get into some shit coins early and make potentially crazy profits.

Where can you find Shitcoins early?

Where you can find new Shitcoins in early, the easiest way to find new shitcoins is to check out the various sub-reddit dedicated to “sealing” shitcoins. The candidate list is as follows:

How to buy Shitcoins

How to buy Shitcoins

Shitcoins and small cap altcoins still have room for growth. If you’ve never heard of Safemoon and Bonfire, google it. The just introduced Dogecoin billionaire is literally nothing compared to this new billionaire created by Safemoon and Bonfire. It’s never too late for anyone. New projects are coming all the time, and the old coins still have a lot of potential. How can I buy Shitcoin and a small altcoin?
You can buy them using the following:
Trust Wallet, Pancackeswap, Reddit, Binance, and Uniswap.

Best Shitcoins list in August 2021

According to the Gen Magazine team of cryptocurrency market, the best sheet coins you can invest in in August include the following list:

  1. Republic of Dogs (ROD)
  2. Minifootball

Note that these are the currencies we offer to buy this month, our experts have checked these currencies directly and the currencies that can increase the price will be introduced to you in this list.
Just be sure to note that these currencies are updated at any time in this section and new currencies may be added to this list this month.

Best Shitcoins in June 2021

Dogecoin (DOGE) $0.480443, $62.21B Market Cap


Dogecoin started as a joke in 2013 following an internet meme featuring Shiba. Dogecoin was written to satirize the growth of “altcoins” (most of which are pump and dump schemes). Technically, it is a derivative of a lucky coin that forked from Dogecoin Litecoin, and uses the Scrypt algorithm.
Realistically, Dogecoin Coins are one of those huge social experiments of little (and some dislike) concrete worth, but an unlimited supply of coins for the popular demand and explosion of cryptocurrencies in the public front (and the fact that everyone loves the lottery). means it can continue to swell forever, but Dogecoin has exploded in popularity.
Elon Musk’s Recent Comments and His Announcement on Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact Tesla Won’t Accept Bitcoin as Payment (Followed by Bitcoin’s Price Cut) Dogecoin Could Bring Good News (emphasis on the Possibility).
Nothing is confirmed but hinted that it might start accepting Dogecoin as payment instead of Elon Musk. On May 14th, he wrote: “We are working with Doge developers to improve the efficiency of system transactions. This is potentially promising.”
Working with Doge developers to improve the efficiency of system transactions. Potentially promising.
Summary: You may be late to your Dogecoin party, but there is also potential for growth. In particular, Tesla accepts Dogecoin as payment once it officially begins verification. Like the rest of this comfortable celestial body, it’s likely to plummet overnight.

Shiba (SHIB) $0.00001563, $6,179,710,644 Market Cap

Shiba (SHIB)

After a heroic spike (starting in January/February), people started looking for the next Dogecoin. Many developers (familiar names, etc) have tried to riff it. Shiba is definitely the most familiar riff right now (Shiva is the dog name on which the Dogecoin meme is based).
Shiba Inu’s credibility is unknown (one owner grants 50% shares, theory can detach the rug at any time). But at least he is exposed (his name is Vitalik Buterin, he is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer). Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum, and according to the SHIB whitepaper, half of the SHIB token supply was given by the anonymous founder of Shiba (pseudonym Ryoshi).
Buterin recently donated numerous Shiva (and several other coins) to support Covid relief in India. This has caused panic among investors, but in the long run it may attract more new investors. Time will tell you when the Shiba Inu surges again. It’s also worth noting that Binance’s Indian exchange Shiva was listed on the day after the $ 1 billion donation of
terrines (Binance is an online exchange that allows users to trade password currency).
Summary: Shiba Inu claims to be a Dogecoin killer. There is no guarantee that this will prove to be true, but it can make flutter fun if you can afford it along with the hype around you. Also, it can be a good opportunity to “deep” now (at the time of writing). If you didn’t join Dogecoin early, this is your chance.

Safemoon $0.00000728, $4,263,525,377 market cap


is an altcoin that promises to take you to the moon Safemoon is already creating many imitators and scam coins, and they are already being dragged onto the rug. For now, Safemoon still seems fine. There is also an interesting premise that sales include tax. This expands the liquidity pool and increases the incentives investors hold. As shown by Astropup (Dogecoin imitator), these projects can be said to be a big game after a recent malicious developer was said to sabotage everyone, but in the end, they are fooled by developers and leaders. Safemoon seems to be going well, and it’s a very interesting project. But don’t assume that you will always get your money back wisely. Some crypto call this a scam, and others are willing to ride the waves and look for opportunities without worrying about it.
Summary: The funny, wacky and prominent name “Talknomics” means that you can continue to grow for some time (which can be a keyword). Please stay tuned.

RedFOX Labs (RFOX) $0.241, $333.2 Million Market Cap

RedFOX Labs (RFOX)

Founded in Vietnam on the Iss Liam Network, this Australian-owned token promises to be usable in many digital services. Effectively bolstering the ecosystem RFOX will be made available for tournament-based video games, allowing non-fanjiburu game token markets to be used for the purchase of “virtual land”.
is already being described by many as one of the next $1 billion projects by RFOX, which has chosen Vietnam because of the potential for significant growth in Southeast Asia (and advances before the crowd comes).

Ecomi (OMI) $0.0043, $720.7 million Market Cap

Ecomi (OMI)

Ecomi is the name of a Singapore-based tech company making moves in the digital collectibles space. Users can use OMI tokens to purchase these digital collectibles on the VeVe application (made by Ecomi). As the OMI token is built on the GoChain blockchain, you should make sure it is compatible with the wallet you use before purchasing, but to make it easier, Ecomi is providing its own secure wallet where you can fully store your OMI tokens in safety and privacy protection.

THETA (THETHA) $10.54, $105 Billion Market Cap


Theta is all about streaming video. This is software that allows computers to manipulate distributed video streaming platforms. This means you can stream high-quality video from your computer no matter where you are. Basically, please limit the position and separate the contents.
The more people enroll in Theta platform, the more computers naturally relate to, and these computers are used to provide extra bandwidth for other users who want to stream. Helps improve the quality of the video stream for. Those who provide bandwidth receive a reward for their efforts.

SushiSwap (SUSHI) $19.26, $3.02 billion market cap

SushiSwap (SUSHI)

For many reasons, my top pick this month should be SUSHI. SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), allowing users to trade between any two ERC20 tokens on the Ethernet Liam blockchain. SUSHI is a governance token that can be used to vote on proposals and receive a portion of the revenue generated by the protocol. Many crypto investors know Uniswap (UNI), but may not know much about SUSHI. SushiSwap was born as a ‘fork’ of Uniswap in late August 2020, but has grown into a very differentiated product. Currently SushiSwap is a more decentralized version of Uniswap. You can compare Uniswap and SushiSwap to Total Lock (TVL) ratios at simple market cap. The locked total value indicates the amount of liquidity locked in the protocol, and liquidity is the lifeline of all decentralized exchanges that allow you to trade assets between users.

Basis Share (BAS) $183.81, $28,874,072 Market cap

Basis Share (BAS)

is a bit more complex, but it makes sense to mention that “algorithmic stablecoins’ ‘ are currently the most popular in DeFi. By changing the supply, the goal is to keep the pack at $ 1. If demand exceeds supply, the price will exceed $ 1. The protocol increases supply to lower the price. Basis Cash increases BAC by 1. It uses a three-token system (BAC, BAS and BAB) to keep in dollars: when the price of BAC (Basic Cash) exceeds $1, the BAS (Shared Basis) stacker receives an increase in BAC supply and “Passive Income” If the price of BAC is less than $1, the user can exchange BAC for BAB (reducing the supply of BAC), and later exchange this BAB (Basis Bond) for more BAC (Active Revenue) than he gave first.
Basis Cash 2017/2018ICO, which has raised large amounts of capital from venture capitalists and crypto investment funds. However, regulators initially prevented the Basis project from materializing. In early December 2020, two anonymous developers announced the project to please the DeFi community. Algorithmic stablecoins such as Basis Cash are new high-risk, speculative and potentially high-return generators. Users should not participate in these protocols unless they fully understand the risks involved.

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