Ghormeh Sabzi with rice

Hi, dear friends, I’m at your service with another Ghormeh Sabzi recipe.

The first step is to prepare Ghormeh sabzi with rice

The first step is to prepare Ghormeh sabzi with rice

At first, it is better to wash the beans and taste in water for 5 hours before cooking the Ghormeh Sabzi stew. After this time, we should cook the beans separately. During the time that the beans are being cooked, peel the onion and grind and chop them in another saucepan and roast with some oil. Then wash the meat and add to the onion and leave it to fry well, when fried, add the curries, peppers and turmeric to the ingredients in the pan and roast. After that, we add stewed vegetables to the desired amount. Note that I used fried and ready-made stewed herbs in the freezer here, which will prepare our food in less time and roast it with the rest of the ingredients, only a little bit, then add the cooked beans with water in it to the said ingredients. If the amount of water in the pot is not enough, we should add some water to the pot. Finally, add some salt and 2 safe lemons. It is better to pierce the lemon a little to give the stew a good taste.
In the meantime, when our stew is cooking, we can prepare rice to speed up our work.

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The second stage of preparation of Ghormeh sabzi with rice

The second stage of preparation of Ghormeh sabzi with rice

Now, to cook rice, it is better to stitch it in water and salt an hour before cooking. (The time of soaking rice depends on the type of rice used.) To do this, place a saucepan until half-watered and put on a flame to boil, when the water boils, add some salt to the boiling water. Then add the rice to the pot to boil with water, and when the rice is soft (for 15 minutes), rinse it. Now in the pot where we want the rice to come in, put a little oil with a little bread and put it on the flame until it’s a little toasted. Next pour the rice into the pot and reduce the flame so that the rice is completely brewed for half an hour to an hour. When the rice is brewed, heat some oil in a frying pan and pour it over the rice. Now our stew and rice are ready to serve. Enjoy your meal.

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Rice: 1 kg
Beans: Half a kilo
Stewed greens: To the extent necessary
Onion: 1 large number
Mutton: 4 pieces
Oil: To the extent necessary
Water: To the extent necessary
Salt and pepper: To the extent necessary
Turmeric: To the extent necessary
Curries: To the extent necessary
Bread: Half bread
Amani Lemon: 2 pcs

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