Ghormeh Sabzi with chicken

One of the varieties of Ghormeh sabzi that has recently found a lot of fans is Ghormeh sabzi with chicken and fewer people can be found who does not like this delicious food. In fact, it can be said that this dish is somehow a symbol of Iranian cuisine. It is interesting to know that the first Saturday of December of each year is called Ghormeh Sabzi Day so that the importance of this traditional and Iranian food is more taken into consideration. Most people are accustomed to cooking Ghormeh sabzi with meat. Of course, in this case, it is important to know how to prepare Ghormeh sabzi and its tastier side tips, but in this article, we are going to teach you how to prepare this dish with chicken.

Ingredients for Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

The ingredients for the preparation of this stew with chicken are as follows:
Vegetable: (1 kg)
Red beans or pinti beans: (100 g)
Chicken breast: (2 counts)
Omani lemon: (3 counts)
Onion: (2 counts)
Salt: (in quantity)
Turmeric: (1 teaspoon)
Red pepper: (half a teaspoon)
Lemon juice: (2 tablespoons)
Frying oil: (as much as necessary)

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How to make Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

How to make Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

In the first step, put the beans (red or pinch) in a saucepan to cook on a gentle heat, of course, considering that if you soak the beans in water the night before, it is better because it prevents flatulence.
In the second step, while the beans are being cooked, wash the vegetables thoroughly and make it cleaver. Then pour the herbs into a pan and toast thoroughly with a low heat until the so-called water is drawn. Next add a little oil to it and fry it well.
In the third step, clean the chicken breast thoroughly and remove the bones from it, then divide it into small, rectangular slices using a sharp knife. Note that you can use chicken thigh meat instead of breasts.
In the fourth step, it is time to wash and chop the onions. First, pour a little frying oil in a suitable saucepan and toast the onions. Then add some salt and turmeric and add the chicken meat to the pan with onions and fry them together.
In the fifth step, then add the fried ghormeh herbs to the onions and chickens and toast them together, then pour the beans into the pan. The amount of water it has is the size of a knuckle, enough. Add the water, finally, and add some salt, pepper and desired spices and stir.

How to serve Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

How to serve Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

It is possible to make a few holes in the Omani lemon with a fork or halve it from the middle and remove its nuclei and then add it to the pot of Ghormeh sabzi with chicken. A little lemon juice can also be added at this point. Then leave the lid on and soften the stove temperature. Give time to Ghormeh sabzi with chicken for an hour to fit well. Serve it made in the form of rinse or tail or rice. After preparing Ghormeh sabzi, it can be served alongside Shirazi salad, raw onion, pickle, pickled garlic, yogurt, vegetables, green pepper and buttermilk.

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Important tips on how to make Ghormeh sabzi with chicken

If you want your Ghormeh sabzi with chicken to look more beautiful and more parliamentary, you should roast the onions in very hot oil and also you should spend a lot of time to roast the vegetables. By doing this, it becomes much more palatable. In Ghormeh sabzi with chicken, you can use pinti beans or nightingale beans instead of red beans. Thhis kind of Ghormeh sabzi is prepared with nightingale eye beans because it takes less time to cook the beans (about an hour). In the preparation of Ghormeh sabzi with chicken, you can change the ratio of vegetables to desired. If you feel that the juice is low, add half a glass of boiling water when cooking it. The recipe for Ghormeh sabzi with chicken described above is for four people, you can change the ratios if people are low or high.

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