Ghormeh sabzi with dried herbs

Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the foods that is common everywhere in Iran and is cooked in different ways. In northern Iran, for example, it is usually cooked without legumes, grains, cereal or fenugreek. Pinti beans or red beans are used in Tehran. In Azerbaijan and Tabriz, they do not fry vegetables and use nightingale beans in its preparation. Tomato sauce is used in khuzestan. In the past, because in winter, the vegetables and herbs of Ghormeh sabzi were not available and there was no freezer, they dried the vegetables in order to prepare the stew. Today, some people also use dried vegetables to prepare it. In the following article, we will prepare this tasty stew with dried vegetables and herbs.

Drying vegetables for Ghormeh sabzi

To prepare dried vegetables, wash and dry the leek greens, parsley and fenugreek. To prepare 50 grams of dried herbs, approximately one kilogram of fresh herbs are needed. follow the steps below if you would like to get dried herbs:
After cleaning the vegetables, rinse them and disinfect them so that there is no mud, dirt and contamination.
Do not keep the vegetable in water for a long time because its minerals and vitamins and nutrients are lost.
Pour the vegetable onto a surface until the water is drawn or inside the drier vegetable.
Chop the vegetables.
Pour the chopped herbs onto a clean napkin and place away from direct sunlight in front of the airflow to dry. Sunlight causes yellowing and loss of vitamins in the vegetables. You can spread the vegetables indoors on a table or napkin and draw a clean net on it and use the fan wind to dry it.
After drying, place the vegetables in a cloth bag and keep in a cool, dry place away from the light.
If the vegetable is dried and stored properly, it can be used for one year.

Use of dried herbs in Ghormeh sabzi

Use of dried herbs in Ghormeh sabzi

To use dried herbs, you can pour it directly into the food and soak it. But the best way to use dried vegetables in foods is to soak them in water 3 to 4 hours before using the vegetables, then pour into the rinse and wash them. Let its water be stretched. Then pour it into the food.

Ingredients for the preparation of Ghormeh sabzi with dried herbs

Dried herbs 50 g equivalent to one kilogram of fresh herbs
Red beans or pints A pint
Onion 2 medium number
meat 300 g
Omani Lemon (dried lemon) 3 pcs
Verjuice 2 tablespoons
Salt To the required amount
Turmeric To the required amount
Pepper To the required amount
Frying Oil To the required amount

How to prepare Ghormeh sabzi with dried herbs

How to prepare Ghormeh sabzi with dried herbs

Wash the beans first and soak from 24 hours ago. Occasionally change the water until bloating is taken. Then place the soaked beans over a gentle heat until fairly cooked.
Soak the dried herbs in cold water for 3-4 hours.
If you use dried vegetables available in the market, be careful in washing it. Wash and disinfect them thoroughly, then soak and change the water three times.
After four hours, pour them into the rinse and wash thoroughly.
Allow it to stay inside the rinse until their excess water is removed.
Pour the vegetables into a frying pan and roast on a low heat until the excess water is drawn.
Then add some oil to the pan and fry the herbs thoroughly until darkened.
Chop the onions into very fine sizes and pour into a saucepan and fry them.
When the onions are red and golden, add the meats and roast with salt, pepper and turmeric. In the preparation of Ghormeh sabzi stew with dried herbs, you should not fry the meat too much to draw their water. You should chop them into the same size in order to cook better.
Add the fried herbs to the meat and onion mixture and roast a little again.
Add boiling water as much as three-quarters of the pan to the pot.
After boiling thoroughly, reduce the heat until the meat and the vegetables are finely cooked.
When meat is half-cooked, pierce the Omani lemons with a fork and add them to the vegetables.
Add a little verjuice and salt to it.
Add the cooked beans to it and allow the vegetables to soak in the oil.

😍 The secrets of a delicious Ghormeh Sabzi recipe

Key points for preparing Ghorme sabzi with dried herbs

To prepare and cook a variety of Iranian stews, especially Ghorme sabzi, it is better to use a small-sized pot, so that you add less water so that after cooking meat and stew, our food will not be watery.
When chopping onions, make sure to chop too finely, so that after being cooked, do not see the vegetables.
It is better to crush the red meat of stew with dried, coarse greens and roast little so that the meat is not dried and juicy.
The use of dried fenugreek inside the vegetable can give a unique flavor to stew. But adding too much fenugreek to the stew makes it more bitter.
Be sure to note that the complete blushing of dried vegetables in the oil causes the stew to fall into the oil.

Special Spices and herbs for Ghormeh sabzi

Gen Magazine offers the following seasoning in order to prepare and cook the greatest Ghormeh.
Main Materials

  1. Damask Rose Powder: 2 Tablespoons
  2. Verjuice powder: 2 Tablespoons
  3. Turmeric: 1 Tablespoon
  4. Black Pepper Powder: 1 Tablespoon
  5. Fennel powder: 1 Tablespoon
  6. Dried fenugreek: 2 Tablespoons
  7. Dried herbs: 2 Tablespoons
  8. Dried Parsley: 2 Tablespoons
  9. Dried coriander: 2 Tablespoons
  10. Dried spinach: 2 Tablespoons

Add a little of this nice fragrance seasoning to the stew when cooking, it’ll be great.

What are Ghormeh sabzi special spice and herbs?

What are Ghormeh sabzi special spice and herbs?

“Ghormeh Sabzi” is an authentic and delicious Iranian dish that is very popular and spice can make it tastier.
Some people add plum or pomegranate paste to the vegetables and roast them. I don’t like it personally. because the color of the Ghormeh sabzi should be black!! Don’t remove Omani lemons anyway! Pour the lemon, pour another condiment! Some soak lemons in water to get them so-called bitter. I didn’t need to. If you have sour fruit roll, you can cut it into cooked stew and make the stew sour! Indian fruit roll can also be used to sour it. Verjuice and orange juice would be great. I love you so much. In short, I said, “Know that the Ghormeh sabzi must be sour!
The most important thing is the combination of vegetables and preparation.
If you don’t add spinach at all, the stew won’t glaze much and the water will be separated. If you add too much, the taste of the stew won’t be interesting, and also when frying, because the spinach has some water with it, not only it won’t let your vegetables fry well but also it will crush them. Spinach, if it’s too much, your stew will light up green. Make sure to pour scallions. It’s delicious.
Fenugreek, if it’s low in amount, Ghormeh sabzi won’t taste its nostalgic, and if it’s too much, the stew will be bitter (Mohebkhah).

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