The secrets of a delicious Ghormeh Sabzi recipe

Cooking a pot of Ghormeh sabzi with a nice color and smell requires simple but important points about the contents of cooking it. In addition, you should know some tips about the contents of cooking. The following tips for tasty vegetables are effective in flavoring and aromatizing your stew. Stay with Gen magazine to tell you the secret to the deliciousness of Ghormeh sabzi.

Enough time

The most important reason for making the stew more delicious is to give it time to cook perfectly. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to cook the stew and be well Concentrated. And if you want to make a parliamentary vegetable, be sure to consider this time .If you want to prepare this stew for lunch, you can even load it from the night before. Traditional and old Iranian cuisines all have an important trick to get tastier and that is to have enough cooking time.

composition and Ratio of Ghormeh sabzi vegetables

To glaze the stew, add herbs spinach or beet leaves, but spinach is better than beet leaves and gives the stew a better taste. Use the beetroot leaves very little, as it will glaze the stew a lot. Fenugreek gives perfume to ghormeh sabzi stew, but if you add too much, it makes the stew bitter.


New spices and vegetables assume a significant part in Ghormeh Sabzi. Other than onion which shows up in pretty much each and every Iranian dish, the most widely recognized mix of the vegetables is 2 sections parsley, 1 section chives, 1 section spinach, and a modest quantity of fenugreek (Shanbalileh). We prescribe utilizing dried Shanbalileh to build the mouth-watering fragrance. You can likewise add coriander and scallion. You can add vegetables to the stew at the beginning after roasting meat and beans along with adding water. But in order to preserve the properties and taste of the vegetables, it is better to add meat and beans to the vegetable stew after an hour.

Frying herbs

Ghormeh sabzi should be fried in medium heat with more oil to change its green color to darker. If you don’t fry the vegetables well, the color of the stew will be green and it won’t look good. Meanwhile, the vegetables should be chopped a lot. Coarsely chopped vegetables make the stew watery and the stew will not be tasty.
Choosing meat of the stew
Do not use minced meat in your Ghormeh sabzi. Size of the meat depends on your own taste. But the large size is more parliamentary.

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Meat for Ghormeh Sabzi

Meat for Ghormeh Sabzi

Lamb meat is the core of each Iranian Khoresht (Persian stew). Obviously, you can utilize meat rather than lamb to diminish the measure of fat and be sounder as well. Try not to stress in the event that you are a vegan, old buddy, you can substitute the meat with pecans, or mushrooms. The astonishing and sensitive blocks of sheep meat give Ghormeh Sabzi loads of flavors just as variety in surface. On the off chance that you care more about the taste than being solid and are enamored with the smell of sheep fat, you can add some sheep bones bringing about a more extreme taste and fragrance.


You can utilize red beans, Roman beans, red kidney beans, or a combination of beans in Ghormeh Sabzi. The beans should be absorbed water for at any rate 2-3 hours and get depleted prior to utilizing .In cooking the stew Roast the beans with the meat and onions. This is a secret of the deliciousness of the stew. Also, avoid glazing the beans inside the stew. So the stew gets a better aroma, flavor and shape.

Adding lemon

Do not use lemon juice to sour the stew and make sure to put Limo (Limoo) Amani or Persian Lime (dried lime in it. Being tart, acidic and pungent is the principle character of Ghormeh Sabzi. Utilizing Limo (Limoo) Amani or Persian Lime (dried lime) is the most energizing approach to enhance this delectable dish. Persians use Limo Amani in general with small openings in them and let the exceptional and extraordinary taste of it change Ghormeh Sabzi gradually into the tastiest Iranian food. If you want the bitterness of Amani lemon to be taken, put lemon in water for at least two hours or one night until morning.

Adding water and salt to the stew

Adding water and salt to the stew

Add lemon and salt to the ingredients when the stew is ready, because if added early, the beans and meat will be cooked late and the stew will not be Concentrated. Try to add boiling water to your stew. This will make your Ghormeh sabzi tastier. Of course, it is better to use meat juice instead of regular water.

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maximum oil

You can use an old method to make your Ghormeh sabzi that is the maximum oil. When your stew is watery, you can shock the stew with a few small ice molds to make the stew glazed and the oil accumulated on the surface of the stew.
At the end of the cooking, when you make sure that your stew is prepared and the vegetables and meat are cooked, but there is a lot of water, you can increase the flame and remove the lid of the pot to steam the water and make the stew Concentrated.

The use of a pressure-cooker is prohibited

Another point that women do not pay attention to due to lack of time is using the a pressure-cooker  for faster cooking of this stew. We recommend that you cook ghormeh sabzi in a regular pot with enough time to get the desired result.

The secret of darkening the Ghormeh sabzi

The secret of darkening the Ghormeh sabzi

  1. The vegetables of the stew should be toasted with relatively high oil and medium heat. So that the green color becomes completely brown and no longer green.
  2. Add about one tablespoon of tomato paste for 300 grams of meat. Or don’t add tomato paste at all. Low tomato paste improves the taste of stew, but if you pour too much, it changes the color of the stew.

Ghormeh sabzi spices

For ghormeh sabzi, you can use spices such as turmeric, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, coriander seeds, but the most important spice is turmeric vegetable stew and black pepper. The use of fenugreek seeds is also very effective for fragrance to the vegetable stew, which you can grind and roast and use in stew or roast a teaspoon of dried fenugreek like hot mint and pour it into the stew.
For more information we suggest you to study Ghormeh Sabzi.

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