Clutch game and everything about this exciting Android and iOS game

Clutch game

Experience real car ride excitement with your friends. You can play this Iranian Android game both multiplayer in online mode and also offline and single player. In the case of choosing single player mode, different steps will come before you. By downloading and installing this Iranian car ride game. Sit together with your friends or family, race together and have hours of fun of Tech. One of the attractions is the existence of Iranian cars such as Arrow, Pride and Samand, as well as prominent brands such as Benz and Porsche. The game menu is Persian and is suitable for Iranian users.

The space which is required to download

Clutch game will occupy 219 MB space of your phone and at least 2 GB of RAM is required to run it properly.

Player Statistics
It has already been downloaded and installed by more than 500,000 people who are interested in Tech.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

How would the player be able to manage 5000 coins?

You will get 5,000 coins with which you can buy a car from the car showroom and start the game, as soon as you download the game and get into it. Of course, with these 5,000 coins you don’t have more than two choices! Arrow or Pride Saba (Cashier)! Having other cars requires more coins that you either have to buy coins through the store, or upgrade your car by earning point and increasing coins.

Instructions to Download and Install for PC or MAC:
•Open the emulator programming from the beginning menu or work area alternate route in your PC.
•Associate or set up your Google account with the emulator.
•Download from Google PlayStore.

Clutch game for iOS and Android

Clutch game for iOS and Android
Stage 1: Download the deb Cydia hack document from the connection above.
Stage 2: Copy the record over to your iDevice, utilizing any of the document directors referenced above or avoid this progression in case you’re downloading from your iDevice.
Stage 3: Using Filza or iFile, peruse where you saved the downloaded deb document and tap on it.
Simply, refer to Café Bazaar app, and download Clutch game for Android or iOS.

Download the trended version

In this version, you can open and use all machines, and upgrade all cars. Fit for the newest version and enjoy infinite clutch by purchasing and downloading Clutch games with infinite valmas money thanks to Tech. By purchasing Clutch game mode, you can get up to three months update to hack for free after purchase.

The most important features of the new version:
– Single player game
– Online game and multiplayer
– Choose from Iranian machines such as Arrow, Peugeot, Pride, etc.
– Ability to customize and sport machines (fins, rings, license plates, heights, etc.)
– Ability to label on the body of all types of cars

Multiplayer training to play

When it comes to the online part of the Clutch game, there are two options. One is to search groups and the other is to build a group. In Clutch game you can’t join other people’s rooms unless you’re both connected to a Wi-Fi and one is building a group.
If you’re creating a group, you’ll need to choose a name for your group. If your friend wants to connect to your group, you should look for your group in the search area and then connect to it.

Rating of Clutch game

Rating of Clutch game

According to the users’ votes and opinions, the Clutch game has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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